JINYA Ramen Bar – Houston, TX

Very new and trendy ramen bar in Houston’s dynamic Mid-Town. Could be the best in Houston.

Very well designed ambiance, good selection of items on menu.

They have chief’s monthly special that will definitely worth coming back for.

I realized it’s a chains with locations across the U.S. Highly recommend you to check them out if they are in your area.

Noodle: 9
Broth: 10
Meat: 8
Abiance: 9
Overall: 9.5
What I ate: Jinya #1 Tonkotsu ramen & Chief Special Spicy Miso.

Price: $$

Other thoughts:
Spicy Miso is really spicy. I can take spicy food well and still feel it’s a bit much. So be careful.
Their curry rice is top notch. Denifitely Japanese style curry. And only cost $4.5 more to add curry rice and salad to your combo.

JINYA Ramen Bar
3201 Louisiana St
Houston, TX 77002
(832) 925-8596






Orenchi Ramen – Santa Clara, CA

3500+ Yelp reviews cannot lies. Argurably the best in the U.S.
I was brought here by our best friend. The line was so long that we had to go for a coffe and come back.

Noodle: 9
Broth: 10
Meat: 10
Abiance: 9
Overall: 10

What I ate: Tonkotsu ramen & shoyu ramen
Price: $$
Other thoughts: Ramen is so much better when you are in company of good friends 🙂
Orenchi Ramen
Lawrence Station Shopping Center
3540 Homestead Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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2014-02-08 13.57.49


Kyoto Ramen Alley – Kyoto Station, JP

Japanese pioneered the concept of train, subway station combined with department stores, entertainments and dining, brining maximum convenient to the people.

In this massive 15 stories building (2nd largest in Japan), 20MM people passed by every month. Located on 10th floor is Kyoto Ramen Alley (or Kyoto Ramen Koji). A collection of 8 ramen restaurants from northern Sapporo to southern Hakata style.

People comes to Kyoto for temples and sakura, I feel just as happy here 🙂

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2014-12-21 04.26.49-DSC_0051

2014-12-21 04.36.22-DSC_0057