Kyoto Ramen Alley – Kyoto Station, JP

Japanese pioneered the concept of train, subway station combined with department stores, entertainments and dining, brining maximum convenient to the people.

In this massive 15 stories building (2nd largest in Japan), 20MM people passed by every month. Located on 10th floor is Kyoto Ramen Alley (or Kyoto Ramen Koji). A collection of 8 ramen restaurants from northern Sapporo to southern Hakata style.

People comes to Kyoto for temples and sakura, I feel just as happy here 🙂

2014-12-21 04.25.15-DSC_0044 2014-12-21 04.25.40-DSC_0046

2014-12-21 04.26.49-DSC_0051

2014-12-21 04.36.22-DSC_0057

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